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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Girl jumps through basketball hoop

Crazy video...


Anonymous said...

that girl must've been scraaaaaaaaaaaaawny

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure the video is fake... try going through it very slowly (pressing pause repeatedly)... when she's going through the hoop, it really looks like she's in front of the basketball net, and not going through it... when she's half in the hoop, her arms are down by her side, not up, and you can't see the rim in front of them, which means that if she was actually inside the net, they would have been ripped off.

but still. a very entertaining video!

Anonymous said...

Well, I did a slow motion action replay and turns out tey were practicing with the girl to have a visual accuracy of the fact that it looked like she went thru the basket. I kept a screenshot but did not find a way to post it here. Vince, if you are interested I can send you the copy so that yo can post it within this post. But the girl did a pretty good job.

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