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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tiggy dressed as my iPod

It's my blog, so I'm going to post pictures of my cats. Why? Because my cats are cute and they cheer me up. I have way more pictures of my pets than anything else. They are also more loyal than people and don't piss you off like people do. Plus, they don't steal your hammer, wrench, or umbrella condom! Ok, well, if you left an umbrella condom lying around, they might play with it and scatter it around somewhere, but it's cute when they do it.

Here's Tiggy dressed as my iPod:

This is an older picture when I was back in Winnipeg before Christmas. Mi-mi (cat, not person) doesn't like Tiggy, and is only resting so comfortably because she doesn't know that Tiggy is there :p. Yes, that is the same blanket cover as the one I have here in Toronto for my extra blanket. It was on sale at Ikea...


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