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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Is this haircut worth $50?

I decided to go a little higher-end than my regular $12 haircut at Topcuts, in which I order my haircut by number (#3 on the sides and back and short on the top). I basically jumped across the spectrum of hair salons and went to Toni & Guy on Bloor in Yorkville (you know, where Gucci, Tiffany's, Chanel, etc. set-up shop). A few of my guy friends have gone there for successful haircuts. I went on the low end there and got a junior stylist, which still set be back $50.

I went in wanting something a little different done to my hair and this is what I told the stylist. I guess it was hard to tell what I had before as it's been about a month and a half since my last cut and it was rather long. I came out with basically the same hair style as I had before, but the cut is nicer and more natural than my regular cut. Well, I'll see what happens after I style my hair myself.

Well, you can see for yourself if my haircut was any good. Excuse the crappy pictures. The photography was an idiot.

That last picture makes me look like I'm balding. I'm not. Honest! The stylist even commented that I had a lot of hair. I think her hands were getting tired of cutting :p. Ya, so I just have a funny bald and flat spot and my hair back there does weird things.


Bob said...

$50 for a haircut? You better have a really hot date to the prom or something if you're paying that much. That's insane.

Anonymous said...

mmmm... i'd have to say not worth it b/c it looks just as nice as ur other haircuts. perhaps if you were going in an entirely new direction and needed someone more experienced it would have paid off.

Sarah said...

i actually noticed when i first saw it that it wasnt your usual cut. it looks better. but i notice these things...i'm sure most other people dont.

you wear your hair everyday, so it's not like it's not worth it. but i guess guys have to get their hair cut a lot...

Vince said...

You only pretend that you noticed. You didn't say anything when you saw me :p

And ya, my hair is always on me, unfortunately the haircut only lasts so long...

I once got an amazing haircut at Topcuts believe it or not. The guy was really good and cut it like they did at Toni & Guy (no razor, all scissors, gave my hair texture and different lengths). He was obviously very new to Canada and very experienced. He definitely belonged in a much higher-end salon, but probably had a hard time finding a job and took the first one he could get. I never saw him again.... I should've got his name and found out where he switched jobs.

Vince said...

And that was when Topcuts was only $11!

Sarah said...

i seriously did notice the new look. hahaha and yes i didnt say anything :)

p. principle #2: i prefer to do things on my own terms :)

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