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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The difference a day makes!

I'm in a much better mood today!
  • Stayed at home in PJ's instead of going into the office

  • Fences mended

  • New web page launched (finally!)

  • Painlessly reactivated my cell phone, keeping the same number and not paying any extra fees

  • Borrowed a hammer and had a nice talk with the hammer lender (and found out some really interesting things about her)

  • Built my shelf and cleaned up my closet


    After: (look in the bottom left)

  • Great volleyball game (smoked them 25-9 in the 2nd game!)

  • Reached >$200 in pledges (but still short of my goal of $300)

  • Watched the newest episode of How I Met Your Mother, which was a nice feel good episode, made even better guest starring the incredibly cute Ashley Williams, of Good Morning, Miami fame (a recent sitcom that ran from 2002-2004).


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