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Sunday, January 15, 2006

A surprisingly productive day

While others would have been deterred by waking up at 1pm, I had a surprisingly productive day and managed to accomplish the big two tasks I wanted to complete.

First, I changed the firmware on my Linksys WRT54G wireless router. This is an interesting router b/c it runs off Linux (well all except the version 5 of the router) and as a result, Linksys had to release their firmware code under the GPL. People then hacked the code and came up with their own firmwares that increase the performance of the router and add features turning the cheap consumer grade router into something that rivals a much more expensive commercial grade one. I installed tofu's HyperWRT firmware. I also put in a script for improved performance and stability with p2p programs. It's working great! I'm quite pleased with the router, unlike the shitty D-Link one that I used to have.

My second big accomplishment was the construction of an improved ping pong table! Last week's makeshift ping pong table served it's purpose well, but after talking with Josh last night, I decided that I needed something semi-permanent and better constructed. After several design sketches (I had paper handy, otherwise it would've been on napkins), I came up with this:

You can also play against the wall!

The little triangles on the sides slide in through an interlocking connection - absolutely no tape required! Building this brought back a lot of memories from my childhood when I'd build all these things, mostly for my cat, out of cardboard (the most plentiful and easiest to work with material). I would build beds, houses, dog barriers from the litter box and cat food, and other things, all using cardboard. I remember having the hardest time cutting cardboard with scissors. My hands would get so tired and sore. I'm now old enough to use a blade to cut it :)

Let's hope tomorrow is as productive. The big goal is to clean my room... ok, well at least unpack from Seattle.


Bob said...

How clever! Reminds me of first year eng design all over again :P

Vince said...

Ah, memories :)

John said...

can u set the router up so that it only allows a certain amount of bandwith for some pcs connected to the network or so that it limits the speed?

Vince said...

Ya, there's a bunch of Qos (quality of service) stuff that you can set. You can set low/high priority on mac addresses and/or ports. It's really sweet.

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